Welcome to Chandalar Lake Lodge

The historic Chandalar Lake Lodge is situated in the Alaska Brooks Range on Chandalar Lake. The lodge is owned and operated by four generations of the Smith family. The lodge hosts, Ed and Janice Smith and Dick and Holly Smith, share a deep love of the North. They have spent the majority of their lives in the wilderness of Northern Canada and Alaska. The Smiths have a love and knowledge of the outdoors uncommon to most. This fly-in remote wilderness lodge is located approximately 65 miles East of Coldfoot by plane. The Chandalar area is a wintering ground for the migratory Porcipine Caribou herd and also home to black bear, grizzly bear, wolverine, lynx, moose, wolf, and Dall Sheep as well as many other Alaskan wildlife. It’s not an uncommon sight to see many these animals right from the dining room window while enjoying your morning cup of coffee.

The Brooks Range was explored originally for fur, gold, minerals and oil. In 1902, the first cabin was built by prospectors in search for gold, which still stands today. Later, it became an assay shop, used for weighing and selling gold, one the first on the East side of the Brooks Range. In the 1930’s the main lodge was built, where prospectors would stay and gather mineral samples from the Chandalar region. You can experience staying in these cabins for yourself and even attempt panning for gold in the nearby creeks and streams. Time has brought changes to this lodge, like running water and solar electricity yet we have been respectful to preserve the historic past of this magnificent place.